ASLAIR VERTICAL 700, LAMINAR FLOW, Microbiological protection and PCR cabinet with vertical airflow


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Microbiological protection and PCR cabinet with vertical airflow

General characteristics

Vertical hood with laminar flow, Class 100 is used for handling different samples in a sterile environment without turbulence and without impurities in the working room.

Protects the work area both against microorganisms and other air contaminants, chemically toxic vapours and unpleasant odours, .. etc.

An automatic electronic monitoring system that controls all functions and all safety alarms of the system according to EU norms offers many working possibilities:

1) Overpressure system: part of the sterile air is evacuated through the front opening.

2) Pressure lowering system: part of the filtered air is evacuated while the outside air is partially brought inside creating a protective barrier without affecting the laminar flow.

Protection of personnel and the environment can also be used for working with radionuclides and volatile toxic chemicals. As the unsterilized air in the room enters the work surface through the front opening, the hood does not protect the product.

Areas of application

Laboratories of molecular biology and microbiology, sterile manipulations, sterility tests, cell cultures, PCR, chemical manipulations, preparation of drugs in the pharmacy, preparation of samples for microbiological analysis, .. etc.

Technical data

• Model: Digital - Computerized - Automatic

• Useful dimensions: 700 x 420 x 500 mm

• Useful height for the operator: 340 mm

• External dimensions: 750 x 650 x 770 mm

• Power: 140 W

• Weight: 55 kg

• Average air speed (flow): 0.45 mt / sec

• Control and operation: digital control panel

• Power supply: 220 V / 50Hz

• Lighting: 18W fluorescent lamp.

Compliance - Certificates - Standards

• CE - TUV / GS - EMC / Europe - ISO certification mark

• CEE - 73/23, 89/392 89/336, 91/368, 92/31, 93/44, 93/68 the following Rules: CEI EN 61010-1 (IEC 1010-1 / CEI 66-5) - the following National Laws: DPR N. 547 27/4/1955 Law N. 186 1/3/1968

• Certificate of conformity

• 3-year warranty certificate (for the hood) and 10 years post-warranty

Technical specifications

• Constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel with epoxy finish

• Thermal glass front panels with a layer thickness of 5 mm

• The back panel is made of AISI 304 stainless steel

• AISI 304 stainless steel work surface / removable

• The front window and the side walls are made of transparent plexiglass

• The control panel is securely provided and the operating diaphragm is made of polycarbonate

• Filtration system

- Pre-filter class G4 EN779 made of synthetic fiber (can be cleaned with water or compressed air) with an average retention capacity of 75-95% ASHRAE (CEN-G3), dust retention capacity of 400g / m2)

- HEPA filter tested with D.O.P. aerosol, efficiency higher than 99.999% for 0.3µ particles, penetration 0.001% according to CE regulations (Laser efficiency test Royco 256)

• Fan with electronically controlled motor to maintain a constant airflow speed of 0.45 m / s and compensated for partially clogged filters up to a max. of 35 mm water

• The fan motor is quiet and has an adjustable airflow

• Sterilization: Equipped with UV bactericidal lamp (Germicide U.V. 15 W lamp (when the other functions are turned off)

• Lighting: 18 W fluorescent lamp

• Monitoring system for the saturation level of the filters and the bactericidal lamp.

Optional accessories

• Stainless steel front panel

Documents: Instruction manual for use and maintenance in Romanian and English.


For the Romanian companies, there is the possibility of selling in instalments.

Price Euro 1.500 Euro + VAT,  Ex Works Loaded of FCA: Oradea/Romania


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