CIMME GCM 003520 Impeller FAN


Model GCM 003520
ID TR007
Status Sold
Pret 1.000 € + TVA
An fabricatie 1998
Carburant Electric
Putere 2 KW
Locatie Oradea, Romania

CIMME GCM 003520 Impeller FAN

Motor 90S2 –Motor Power 1,5 kW, year of manufacture 1998, 2850 rotations per minute, Pt = 185-100 kgf/m2

Configuration centrifugal

Function  suction

Other characteristics low-pressure, medium-pressure, industrial, for pneumatic conveying

Air flow Max.: 1,180 m³/min (41,671.31 ft³/min) to Min.: 6 m³/min (211.89 ft³/min)

Admitted fluid: Very dusty air Maximum working temperature: +80°C (+150°C *).

For suction of very dusty air.

The main feature of this series is the association of high efficiency (due to the use of an impeller with overturned blades, special profile) with the suction of dusty fluids or with granulated materials. They are installed in joinery workshops (to convey sawdust and wood chips – excepting filamentous materials), in mechanic industries (suction of metal trimmings and grinding chips), in pneumatic conveying at cement, ceramics, milling factories, tanneries, foundries, textile and chemical industries and in all applications where poisonous air needs to be conveyed at low and medium pressure. *) +150 °C with cooling fan.

Price: 1.000 Euro + VAT, FCA, Oradea/Romania


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