Refrigerating scroll compressor Trane CSHC0 93R0A0S


Marca Trane
Model CSHC0 93R0A0S
ID TR1578
Status Active
Pret 1.500 € + TVA
Carburant Electric
Locatie Sintandrei, Jud. Bihor, Romania
Fisiere COM-S-9 OCT05 PG7.pdf


Refrigerating scroll compressor Trane CSHCO 93R0A0S

Technical data:

♦   Positive displacement refrigerant compressor

♦   Scroll compressor

♦   Hermetic compressor, internal motor

♦   Compressor model & development sequence

♦   3500 rpm vertical welded steel shell

Designates size - nominal tons = 9.3  tons

Voltage designator 208/230-60-3

Number of cylinders that unload zero -no unloading

Design sequence (alpha).  Factory assigned prints on the nameplate.

Unloader control and method of unloading - no unloading;

Basic compressor variation:

1   Braze copper-clad refrigerant connections

2   Rotalock oil equalizer fitting with threaded cap


The principles of operation: The suction gas is drawn into the compressor. The gas then passes through the gap between the rotor and stator, cooling the motor. The gas then enters the intake chamber, which encircles the scrolls. The oil in the suction gas is separated by changing directions and impinging on surfaces within the compressor and then draining back to the oil sump.

Finally, the suction gas is drawn into the scroll assembly where it is compressed and discharged into the dome of the compressor. The dome of this compressor acts as a hot gas muffler which dampens the pulsations before the gas enters the discharge line.

How the Scroll Compressor Trane Works


A 3-D compressor has two scrolls. The top scroll is fixed and the bottom scroll orbits. Each scroll has walls in a spiral shape that intermesh.

Inlet - First Orbit

As the bottom scroll orbits, two refrigerant gas pockets are formed and enclosed.

Compression - Second Orbit

The refrigerant gas is compressed as the volume is reduced closer to the centre of the scroll.

Discharge - Third Orbit

The gas is compressed further and discharged through a small port in the centre of the fixed scroll.


Price: 1.500 Euro + TVA, FCA, Oradea/Romania


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