VERINOX JUNIOR 1000 A, universal oven for small and medium productions.


Marca Verinox
Model Junior 1100
ID TR017
Status Active
Pret 4.000 € + TVA
Carburant Electric
Locatie Oradea, jud Bihor
Fisiere JUNIOR-web.pdf

VERINOX JUNIOR, model 1000 A series - universal oven for small and medium productions.

The technological excellence of our most sophisticated industrial systems – applied to ovens for small and automatic medium productions  – ensures maximum performance and top quality products.

Oven with forced draft ventilation for dry cooking, steam cooking, drying and smoking

Maximum heat treatment uniformity and efficiency (+/- 1°C)

Fast heating up to 180°C

Cooking time optimisation

Suitable for all types of cooking and for top quality products

Simple to use

Low energy consumption

Recipes and processes programmed from an electronic control panel for automatic oven operation

Works 24 hours per day with the utmost reliability

The JUNIOR oven is suitable for the following heat treatments:

- Dry cooking

- Drying

- Frying

- Smoking

- Steaming

Preparation uses cheese, salami, pasta, a confection of vegetables and fruits, drying of meat products, smoking of meat products, animal food, fish, etc.

Junior universal ovens are thermally insulated with an expanded material that has high insulating properties, coated with sheets of satin-finish and ribbed AISI 304 stainless steel. The excellent speed and uniformity of the heating up to a maximum of 180°C, an important feature of the JUNIOR, is ensured by stainless steel fans and special shielded heating elements. The JUNIOR oven comes with its own steam production system.

Integrated control system.

The microprocessor-based control panel is an extremely hi-tech, simple and reliable means of control. Its main features are working temperature and time indicators, an indication of the number of stages in progress, airlock position indicator, commands for setting ventilation, commands for setting stage transition, commands for setting pause and delayed start, memorisation of values and functions in progress.

Total external dimensions: W 107 cm x H 100 cm x H 215 cm

Interior dimensions: W 97 cm x W 75 cm x H 120 cm

Interior dimensions of the lower collector drawer: W 73 cm x W 72 cm x H 25 cm

Trolley: 90 cm x 72 cm x120 cm

The cell has 2 product probes.

Power supply: 380 V, 12 kW

For the Romanian companies, there is the possibility of selling in instalments.

Price Euro 4.000 Euro + VAT, FCA: Oradea/Romania


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Irrtum, Anderungen und Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten /
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