Phosphate and powder painted containers line – Euroimpianti


Marca Euroimpianti
Status Sold
Pret 66.000 € + TVA
An fabricatie 2011
Carburant Altele
Locatie Romania

Phosphate and powder painted containers line – Euroimpianti

Model Power coating plant, year of manufacture 2011

Power burner installation for the tunnel: 200.000 Kcal/h

Power burner installation for the drying oven: 380.000 Kcal/h

Fuel: Gas Methane

Electric power installation:

  1. For the tunnel: 14 kW
  2. For the drying Oven: 3 kW
  3. For the Coating Booth: 15,5 kW
  4. For the Curing Oven: 4 kW
  5. For the Overhead conveyor: 1,5 kW

Mains (V-Hz): 220/380-50

Pressure to the burner: 20 mbar

Water from network: 2 bar

Dried compressed air: 7 bar


Reind Automazionioni, type SL120, Year 2011

Fire control center: GM Electronics, type GM826SD

2 tanks:

  1. Tank for Phosphodegreasing

Capacity 3.500 liter

2 pumps each 4kW

1 burner RBL Gulliver/Riello RS50

  1. Tank for Washing

Capacity 1600 liter

1 pump 4 kW

Powder painting: traditional technological cycles 

Automatic Powder painting


Metal parts travels along a tunnel at a constant speed passing in different stages of chemical treatment and washing / rinsing in a hot or ambient temperature water.


Metal parts travel along a ventilated oven at a constant speed until the surfaces get completely dry.


Metal parts are painted with the electrostatic guns in the spray booth. When is required there's also a possibility to install manual stations for the retouching.


 Painted metal parts go into the polymerization oven, which is equipped with a bell-shaped or air curtains devices in order to avoid the dispersion of heat. Normally the paint solidifies at about 200°C.

Aditional pictures upon request!

Price Euro 66.000 Euro + VAT, FCA Romania


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