Portioning, linking and hanging line VEMAG LPG 202 / AHM 204, 2002


Model LPG 202 / AHM 204
ID 7253
Status Sold
Pret 13.000 € + TVA
An fabricatie 2002
Locatie Bistrița (RO)
Fisiere 7253-BROCHURE-Vemag-AHM-LPC-202-sausage-filler-2002 (1).pdf

Portioning, linking and hanging line VEMAG LPG 202 / AHM 204 manufactured in 2002, equipped with 12, 13 and 14-inch fill tubes, sausage split belts (different sizes), and user manuals.

Suitable for linking, hanging or cutting, collagen, natural or cellulose casings, for fresh, raw or cooked sausages, linking speed can be adjusted to casings. The Vemag LPG202 Length Portioning Machine is the perfect high-speed solution for sausage linking applications that require consistent lengths and weights. Attached to it is the Vemag AH204 Automatic Hanging Machine for an even greater production speed. 

The LPG 202 eliminates the risk of split casings caused by constant starting and braking of the linking horns. The LPG 202 handles casings gently during filling as the stuffer pumps continuously in a straight filling mode. Special flights in the dividing belts reach gently into the casing and twist individual sausages.

Production capacity up to 1500 portions / min. 


Vemag AHM: L = 2.800 mm x l = 600 mm x H = 1.100 mm;

Vemag LPG: L = 1.100 mm x l = 600 mm x H = 1.100 mm.

Total weight (both pieces): 600 kg.

Compatible with the following filling machines: AVG 201, ROBBY / ROBBY-2, ROBOT HP-series, ROBOT DP-series.

ExWorks. Price is negotiable. 





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