Packaging line ULMA Super Chik + Automatic labeling and weighing system Bizerba GV


Marca ULMA
Model Super Chik
ID i94
Status Active
Pret 5.000 € + TVA
An fabricatie 2002
Carburant Electric
Locatie Oradea, Jud. Bihor
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ULMA Super Chik, year of manufacture 2002

• Extended infeed conveyors.

• Centralized  lubrication.

• Sanitary clean out tray.

• Gravity and motorized  exit conveyors: in line, 90º, 180º,  ...

• Additional 1 meter sealing device.

• Automatic image centering  device for printed films.

• Printed band  attachment.

• Transparent tray detection.

• Sealer Cooler.

• Others (Ask).

A high performance  wrapping   machine,   specially  developed   for  the   wrapping   of trays in central  processing  facilities (meat,  poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits)

 and  high volume supermarkets. A large range of models for customer  requirements.

Its strength, reliability, ease of operation, and automatic size change, make it the most automatic size change, make  it the  most  productive  and  versatile machine  

available, possibility to wrap with several kinds of film: PVC, polyethylene and polyolefines.

TECHNICAL FEATURES (Depend on the  model)

• 1 or 2 film rolls with automatic roll selection.

• Automatic recognition  of the tray dimensions or manual.

• Automatic or manual selection of film length  and width.

• Universal elevator.

• Self diagnostic capability.

• Film tension control.

• Forward and reserve jog capability.

• 4-way film stretch  with lateral pre stretch.

• Temperature control for the sealing belt.

• Over size package  detector.

• Mechanical torque  limiter.

• Guards and safety devices according  to international standards.

• Heavy duty construction  with corrosion resistant material.

Power supply: 380 V, 12 kW

Bizerba GV labeller, manufactured in 2002

Bizerba 18A scale with Bizerba AB display.

Automatic labeling and weighing system for products packaged in the food area. Electric power: Voltage 220 V, Frequency 50 Hz Current 1.7 A.
Dimensions of tape width 300 mm.
External dimensions of the machine: (mm) 1860 long x 720 wide x 1300 high.
Compressed air supply of the blower label: air pressure: 6 bar, air flow: min. 100 l / min, compressed air. without oil, filtered at 10 µm,
Label dimensions: 100x100.
Separation between labels: from 2 to 20 mm.
Thermal print head - resolution of 8.0 points
Weighing from 1gr to 6000gr.
Maximum labeling capacity 60 packages / minute.
Equipment prepared for PC connection, Bizerba software allows the realization and design of labels adapted to your needs. Ability to print all types of barcodes, customer logos, etc.
The equipment reviewed, rebuilt and guaranteed with the following maintenance performed: change of conveyor belts, thermal print head and engine belts. High quality equipment and great performance in terms of speed and reliability.

The label and the scale are mounted on an output conveyor belt.

Weighs at least 40 g up to a maximum of 18 kg


For the Romanian companies there is the possibility of selling in instalments.

Price Euro 5.000 Euro + VAT, FCA: Oradea/Romania  We sell this “line as it is”

We can refurbish the machine on request with the additional cost.


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Irrtum, Anderungen und Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten /
Subject to errors, changes and prior sale /
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