Conveyor tunnel car wash system Hanna with PDI belt conveyor, 2008


Marca Hanna
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An fabricatie 2008
Locatie București / Bucharest (RO)

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Conveyor tunnel car wash system Hanna with PDI belt conveyor manufactured in 2008 with 90 high pressure water jets washing the car at the same time, 2 high pressure “Water Wizard” wash robot’s, 1 “Wheel Washer” robot, usage of 375 liters / min reclaimed alkaline water consumption (400 liter/car), 100 liter/car usage of fresh water. 6 reclaiming tanks, 3 dryer motors. The frame of the tunnel is made totally from quality “Stainless Steel” extruded profile, heavy duty 4mm steel conveyor and correlator, corrosive resistant wash head’s, chemical arches made from “stainless steel” special corrosive resistant tubular extruded profile. Full hydraulic movement driven system. No usage of electrical motors in wet area. No sensors, all PLC driven. No chains or plastic belts to grease or to maintain. No steel rollers - Polyethylene Safety Roller on demand conveyor, heavy duty Wanner Hydra cell – High Pressure pumps, less moving parts engineering. 1.000.000 carwash cycles manufacturing guarantee. 80 cars/hour wash capacity. Busy wash hour absorbing system. PC with Management program included. Full range of function. Reports during the time. 16 wash programs possible.

  • Tire width range: between 145 mm and 315 mm;
  • Water jet pressure: 70 bars for each hydraulic pump;
  • Staff needed: 2 to 3 employees.

Washing stages: 

1. Hand prepping and warm high alkaline chemical application
2. 2 Step neutral foam treatment
3. Special applicator wheel alkaline foam treatment
4. 2 Step high pressure “Water Wizard” all-around robot wash
5. Wash sealer foam chemical treatment
6. High pressure FRONT-WHEEL-SIDE-BACK following “Wheel Washer”
7. Fresh water rinse
8. Wax treatment
9. Air drying with 3 motor dryer
10. “Last Drop” hand toweling
ExWorks. Price is negotiable. 


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