Marca Raypa Espinar
Model SX-6
ID L17
Status Active
Pret 6.650 € + TVA
An fabricatie 2007
Carburant Electric
Locatie Oradea, Jud. Bihor, Romania
Fisiere Microsoft Word - SOXTEST-eng.doc.pdf

System for extracting fats or solvents soluble in a solvent using methods Soxhlet and Randall. Compatible with a wide range of samples.
Extraction system with solvents, according to Randall method for fat and soluble materials determination, in food, feeds, soils, detergents, polymers, paper pulp, fibres, rubbers, textiles, petrochemical products, pharmaceutical products, etc.
Furniture in stainless steel, epoxy resin painted.
Heating by an electric plate with an armoured heater to assure homogeneous distribution of heat.
Control of temperature by a microprocessor with P.I.D. action and probe Pt100 class A.
Over-temperature safety control by independent thermocouple.
Vitón® seal set.
In accordance with standardized international methods: AOAC, ISO, AACC.
Independent programming of “boiling” extraction time and “rinsing” extraction time.
Working range of temperatures: room temperature +5 ºC to 220 ºC.
Solvent volume: up to 50 ml.
Sample max. volume: 25 ml.
Solvent recovery: 60-70%.
Reproducibility: ±1%.
Extraction cartridge Ø ext 26 × 60 mm.
“boiling” extraction time: 0-99 h.
“rinsing” extraction time: 0-99 h.
Extraction speed: 30-60 min.
Electric protection IP65.
NOTE: Components supplied with our equipment:

18 extraction vessels + magnetic adapter.

3 racks for extraction cartridges.

3 racks for extraction vessels.

Aligning rack.

Box containing 25 thimbles.

Documents: Instruction manual for use and maintenance in Romanian and English.
Year of manufacture 2007, never used


For the Romanian companies, there is the possibility of selling in instalments.

Price Euro 6.650+ VAT

Ex Works Loaded of FCA: Oradea/Romania
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